Graduate School of Law

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Since its establishment in 1995, the Graduate School of Law has aimed to develop individuals who can play leading roles in society as specialists through the acquisition of advanced knowledge and skills in specialized fields.

In order for students to thoroughly explore research themes and acquire a better understanding, curricula associated with those themes need to be offered. Because we consider that an approach based on a comprehensive viewpoint is also important, the Department offers a wide range of courses (e.g. subjects related to public law, civil law, politics and international relations).

Furthermore, well-planned Master's thesis guidance is provided to each student from the first year. During the second year, more detailed guidance is provided through a summer seminar (August), a mid-term report (October) and presentation of a Master's thesis (February). In addition to these events, special lectures are given by external specialists approximately seven times a year. These are especially useful in research and education for thesis writing. A credit transfer system with the Graduate School of Regional Management is available to add options to the curriculum.

Students taking a certified tax accountant exam qualify for exemption from some subjects if they meet the prescribed requirements. In 2007, a CFP certification education program was implemented and has since been improved. It is also possible for students to acquire certificates to become advanced class teachers at junior and senior high schools. An entrance examination system for mature students and a long-term course system have been established, and some nighttime and weekend courses are offered on the downtown campus in the center of Sapporo.