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Graduate School of Clinical Psychology

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The Graduate School of Clinical Psychology is committed to developing clinical psychologists who are specialized in mental care with advanced knowledge and practical skills. This is made possible by providing an excellent educational environment with the highest level of instruction in Hokkaido and a well-developed educational program. In addition, the course offers teaching practice in the Psychological Clinical Center which provides hands-on experience with real psychological problems. Dedicated staff who are certified as clinical psychologists account for 70 percent of the teaching body in the Graduate School of Clinical Psychology. We can therefore offer a variety of specialized subjects which cover diverse aspects of modern clinical psychology. These, in turn, enable students to broadly identify the causes of mental problems through the study of a distinctive group of topics.

As we are certified by the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologist as a first-category designated graduate school, students qualify for the clinical psychologist qualification exam on graduation from the school. The curricula focus on practical aspects, and offer Clinical Psychology Basic Learning as well as the more advanced Clinical Psychology Training A and Clinical Psychology Training B. Students are also given opportunities to improve their skills by actually being involved in mental consultations at the Clinical Psychology Center (an on-campus counseling facility) as well as actively participating in clinical training at facilities off-campus. The pass rate of the clinical psychologist qualification exam has been over 90 percent in recent years, and the school has produced a number of excellent specialists despite its short history.