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Department of English Language and Literature

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This department has the longest tradition of English education of all the universities in Hokkaido. Students develop their understanding of global cultural values and different cultures mainly through learning and research on various aspects of Anglo-American culture, as well as exploring their own Japanese identity. We introduce multi-media classes that actively utilize the internet and computers, and we also offer five-month overseas study programs as part of the formal curriculum in order to deepen intercultural understanding.

The department provides small-group education with fewer than 25 students per class to improve skills in discussion, presentation and opinion summaries. In two CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) rooms with 50 state-of-the-art networked computers in each, instruction from teaching staff and questions from students are exchanged over the network. Excellent overseas study programs enable students to improve their speech and presentation skills based on theory and practice. A scholarship benefit system is available to fund overseas study programs according to students' academic performance.

Features of the Curriculum

CALL Training(1st to 4th year)

Students prepare for certification examinations using a computer-based English learning system. In this class, students evaluate their own English proficiency and utilize the university's learning software to improve their language skills with the aim of scoring higher on aptitude tests such as TOEFL®, TOEIC® and STEP.

Intercultural Communication(3rd to 4th year)

Students consider the role of communication in a borderless society through verbal/non-verbal communication, values and cultural characteristics. Based on these studies, the course equips students with cultural aptitude by teaching recognition of different cultures and attitudes toward them, as well as how to live together with them.

Discussion(3rd to 4th year)

Students exchange ideas and opinions on topics such as the latest news from English newspapers. The subject to be discussed is first decided, and students then submit idea summaries after research, presentations and question exchanges.

Curriculum by Academic Year

Curriculum List / Department of English Language and Literature

  First year Second year Third year Fourth year Credits to complete
Liberal Arts Subjects Liberal Arts Curriculum At least 24 credits At least 124 credits (Note 1)
Specialized Subjects Practical English (Note 3) English Reading A
English Reading B
Oral Communication A
Oral Communication B
English Writing A
2 each
English Reading C
English Reading D
Oral Communication C
CALL Practice
English Writing B
English Writing C
Society in the English Speaking World A
Society in the English Speaking World B
English Communication Theory A
English Communication Theory B
Business English A
Business English B
Speech Making A
Speech Making B
2 each

Current English
English for Accreditation and Proficiency Exams
2 each

At least 62 credits in specialized subjects
Oral Communication D (2)
English Linguistics (Note 2) English Grammatical Theory A
English Grammatical Theory B
2 each
English Phonetics A
English Phonetics B
2 each
English Linguistics A
English Linguistics B
2 each
English Literature (Note 2) Invitation to English Literature (2) The World of English Literature A
The World of English Literature B
The World of English Literature C
The World of English Literature D
2 each
  English Literary History A
English Literary History B
English Literary History C
2 each
English Communication (Note 2)   Basic Communication Skills (2) Cross Cultural Communication Skills A
Cross Cultural Communication Skills B
English Culture   English History A
English History B
2 each
English Culture Theory A
English Culture Theory B
2 each
English Social Research A
English Social Research B
2 each
Study Abroad / Tourism English A
Study Abroad / Tourism English B
2 each
Practice (Note 3)
Specialized Seminar A
Specialized Seminar B
2 each
Specialized Seminar C (2)
Specialized Seminar D (2)
Graduate Thesis (6)
*Curriculum for students enrolling in or after the 2014 academic year
Note 1: The graduation requirements for the Department of English Language and Literature at least 124 credits comprising at least 24 credits in liberal arts subjects, at least 62 credits in specialized subjects and at least 38 credits from liberal arts subjects or specialized subjects.
Note 2: Students must select at least 4 credits from English Linguistics, English Literature, English Communication or English Culture.
Note 3: The subjects totaling 18 credits from Practical English with a ◎ mark are designated requirements
The subjects totaling 6 credits from Practice with a ◎ mark are designated requirements


The Department of English Language and Literature aims to provide a broad outlook on Anglo-American literature, culture and language and to deepen understanding of humankind and human cultures based on English as a common language.

Educational Goals

  1. Improve English skills
  2. Deepen understanding of different cultures
  3. Promote international exchange
  4. Develop individuals who can contribute to regional and international society