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PDPublication Policy

PjPublish the information with permissions. Without the original researcher's permission, we do not publish any information or items.

QjThe information about privacy (i.e. researcher's name, address, phone number, so on) are not to be open, except representative researcher.

RjThe following items are published with permission.

name of the research, the field of the research, outlines of the research, representative researcher, date of the research, type of the research, research group, area, age, sex, sampling methods, sampling books, sample numbers, returning rate, software, codebook, published papers.

SjIf the researcher wants to cancel the publication, we take the step immediately.

TjAll correspondence are due to the office.

UjTest uploading begins Apr. PXXW, and if any problem had occurred, formal WWW publishing be postponed.

QDAccess limitations


No limitations concerning the following points;

PjWe want to reduce costs for both the office and users.

QjIt is our policy to be open to postgraduate and even undergraduate students.

RjIf the researcher do not wants to open some informations, it ought to have been reduced according to chapter 1.

SjNo problems in other countries.

RDHow to Browse


Who wish to browse is requested to input his/her email address. If he/she doesn't have email address, contact the SORD office.


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