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Main Campus

main campus

1 Campus Bookstore / Building F


2 Cafeteria / Building G

There are cafeterias on the 6th ,7th and 8th floors where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Sapporo. They offer great meals, services and facilities and are highly regarded by our students.

3 Library / Library

Our library, one of the main facilities in the University, boasts about 500,000 books and plays a role as an educational and cultural center.

4 Northern Japan Archaeology Exhibition / Building A

Northern Japan Archaeology Exhibition

5 Language Learning Laboratory / Building A

Language Learning Laboratory

6 SGU Hall / Building G

Language Learning Laboratory

7 Information-technology Laboratories / Building C

Information-technology Laboratories
More than 400 computers are installed in 10 computer laboratories and that are available for use except when the rooms are occupied by classes. There are also rooms equipped with 225 LAN ports. In addition, there are 2 CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) rooms where 50 state-of-the-art computers are connected to the network.