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Graduate School of Regional Management

For provinces such as Hokkaido to be independent and sustainable, we consider that it is essential to produce effective managers who can think globally and act locally.

The Graduate School of Regional Management aims to develop individuals who can drive independent and sustainable regional development. This development centers on the three skills of regional design, regional management and regional marketing expansion.

The curriculum includes four model courses. These are: development of human resources to revitalize regional economies and finance, the development of leaders for regional companies and management, the development of professional accountants (e.g. tax accountants) for regional management, and the development of human resources to successfully develop regions and towns. Each field focuses on the establishment of theories and the refinement of practical interdisciplinary skills. A variety of professors and leading professionals in the community teach and guide students. For example, the first CFP certification education program in Hokkaido is being implemented as part of the curriculum.

In addition, a Satellite campus has been established, and a long-term course system of 3 to 4 years has been introduced to enable students to complete the graduate school course while continuing to work.